Introducing Kaio Studios

Kaio Studios is a consulting, coaching and technology firm with a passion for the local church. The idea for Kaio began after years of seeing churches struggle with technology and effective communication. It’s often easy to get information about products or tools that are available from vendors, but it can be difficult to integrate that technology with the mission and ministry of the church.

It’s easy to think that the next gadget, gizmo or presentation tool will transform your ministry. The reality is that something new isn’t always the best solution. The best technology strategy starts with a conversation about your mission and vision. Kaio Studios exists to foster those conversations and to think creatively about the best way to solve problems. Technology and communication tools are a part of those solutions, but the mission comes first.

Kaio was founded by Matt Kerner, a United Methodist pastor. Prior to entering ministry Kerner spent more than a decade as a designer and developer of interactive media and web applications. He then used this expertise to lead the media ministry at a large church and to develop strategies that revitalized and made communication more effective in several pastoral settings. During his career as a pastor Matt has served as an associate pastor, campus minister, coordinated a church merger and second campus launch, and served as a lead pastor. In each of these settings he has been involved in rethinking how the web, social media and worship technology impact ministry. The Kaio strategy has been implemented in churches with less than 100 in worship and congregations that have more than 1,000 in attendance each Sunday for both portable and fixed ministry.

Kaio Studios can help you dream, plan and implement a strategy that lets the mission of the church to make disciples drive technology rather than the other way around. For generations the church has used creative ways to connect people to God’s story. Let Kaio help your church take its next step.