What is Remote Media Direction

Most churches can’t afford to hire professional media and communication staff. The job usually falls to volunteers, many of whom have excellent abilities, but often don’t look at issues with a ministry mindset. Sometimes volunteers have to figure out everything as they go along without any training. While many seminaries are now including courses about web development and media production these tasks are low on the priority list of important ministry that needs to be done for most pastors.

What ends up happening is that churches get pulled in many different directions as they assemble a media and communication strategy. The process feels like an afterthought, and you make the best you can of the situation. The result is that nobody looks at the teams and systems as a whole. Strategy decisions get made not by evaluating ministry, but by responding to an immediate need or following the guidance of a vendor whose goal is selling you something. Remote Media Director packages allow churches to benefit from years of professional media, communication and ministry experience. It allows the church to have a partner and an advocate in the process with an interest in your ministry outcomes.

There are many advantages to partnering with Kaio Studios for professional media and communication support:

  • Technology and communication are evaluated in the context of ministry goals
  • You’re able to better match actual and future needs with solutions
  • You don’t under or over buy, resulting in better stewardship of resources
  • Training and team development are a part of the process
  • Your mission and vision matter and are a part of the conversation
  • You can use resources where they are most effective
  • Working with Kaio is fun

Getting a Remote Media Director is the best of both worlds. You’ll get professional expertise to work with your team when and how you need it. All of the packages include a mixture of on-site support and remote support – sometimes it’s best to be face to face, sometimes a phone call, email, text, or IM works better. We’ll help equip your team, staff or volunteer, to handle the day-to-day work.

Getting started is easy, just pick the plan that best meets your needs.



Photo by vancouverfilmschool